Clash is an exclusive fine dining restaurant combining five menus, all of them with their own theme and unique approach to a tailored consumption experience. Our head chef, Haim Tibi, is a vastly experienced, and well recognised Israeli Chef, with decades of experience in Fine Dining.

Chef Tibi has designed extraordinary and commanding dishes that satisfy the most discerning of diners, whether it be a small snack with a relaxing cocktail a four-course experience. Each dish ordered has been mastered to perfection in their creation, and served with pride.

Whether it be a breakfast meeting, an Executive Business Lunch, a relaxing happy hour or an evening of fine dining, Clash will take you on a culinary journey that will linger on your taste buds for a long time after.


Our traditional Israeli buffet breakfast is served with market fresh fruit and vegetables, an assortment of cheeses, fish and breads, with eggs of your choice and a variety of pastries and breakfast cakes.


A well thought through business lunch menu with a free starter or salad, giving you the comfort your midday break deserves from the stress of routine.

Business menu


A four-course journey for the discerning diner. A variety of options to compliment everyone's tastes and eating choices, each dish a start on its own. Our Dessert Chef has put together a variety of desserts, from savoury to ultra-sweet and everything in between, whether your desire is for nurturing or an uninhabited escapade.

Dinner Menu


Whether it's a romantic rendez-vous, an end of the day business meeting, sharing a moment with yourself or a gathering of  friends, our bar staff will be happy to interest you with our choices of cocktails, alcohol selections, a glass of fine wine and our carefully selected Finger Food. Our cocktails are a tribute from Nyx, the Goddess of darkness, to her daughters, each cocktail an achievement on its own.

You will definitely end the day on a high!

Happy Hour Menu


A selecting of raw dishes carefully cultivated by our chef to welcome your palette to the Clash Fine Dining Journey.

Raw Food Menu